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Dating back to nomadic hunter gatherers, history tells us that open fire cooking is a tradition that has withstood the test of time.

With the advancement into the iron-age came the introduction of metal cooking implements such as grids and spears, which double as spits and skewers.

We decided that our ancestors were right by the way they used to cook and believe that there way of sharing a meal was and is also the best way to enjoy the experience of eating.

Using these two most important ideals and Perths first "known" wood-fired char-grill we have constructed our menu.

Firing with jarrah wood creates an intense heat and imparts unique wood roasted perfumes into the meat.

Here at Hippo Creek Meat and Wine you will find not only find our great steaks and some South African influenced meals but influences from all around the world. If it involves meat it most likely is on our menu.

We hope you will enjoy your experience at Hippo Creek Meat and Wine.